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ForkDelta + REVOLEN (RCQ) Token

ForkDelta + REVOLEN (RCQ) Token
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RCQ Token gives the right to contribute to the work of the ecosystem of the venture capital company Revolen, with the aim of having a positive impact on the outside world, thanks to venture and socially significant impact investments. All types of investments are united by the concept and strategy of the company, the basis of which is investment of influence and impact, innovation, green technologies, combating climate change, decarbonization.
The venture capital firm manages mixed investments that combine venture capital investments, project and direct investments, traditional impact investments, and alternative investments. We invest in companies, organizations and foundations to create measurable, socially or environmentally beneficial impacts.

ForkDelta is a decentralized crypto exchange that allows you to trade both Ether tokens and other Ethereum-based crypto assets with other users. The exchange is not regulated by a centralized authority for storing user funds and facilitating transactions. On such crypto exchanges, trades take place directly between users who use the same smart contracts.

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