The company revolen is registered in the Republic of Belarus, Poland, is engaged in venture investments, implementation of projects in the territory of the countries: the European Union, the Euro-Asian region. The company will focus primarily on the following countries: Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and Russia.
Revolen investment specialization, stages: powerpoint, pre-seed, seed, prototype, working prototype, alpha version of a product or technology (alpha), closed beta version of a technology or product (private beta), public beta version of a technology or product (public beta), early launch stage, late launch stage (late launch).
As part of the development of cooperation with revolen, startups will receive the status of a resident of an EU country (Poland) and a High-Tech Park. HTP is a special economic zone in the Republic of Belarus with a special tax and legal regime for the development of venture and IT businesses.
HTP Belarus
Companies registered in the Park can use the preferences granted to them, companies are allowed to enter into smart contracts, and revenue from operations with tokens is not taxed. Belarus is one of the first countries to legalize ICO, tokens, cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology.
We organize business services, provide patent support, provide access to our ecosystem and the ecosystems of our partners, and assist in the registration and registration of startups. Through the registration of residence in the technoparks of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Poland, tax benefits are provided: income tax, property tax, import of equipment and preferential rates for placement in the technopark.
One of the sources of forming a pool of venture projects is the organization of the accelerator. Time, the situation in the world, makes its own requirements in the ways of communication, team management, and projects. One of the ways is to switch to the virtual and remote mode of the startup tour and accelerator. The goal is to find promising innovative development teams and help form a development strategy.
Accelerator, startup tour is a kind of "development accelerator" that allows young startups to quickly find their future investors, having a project at the initial stage of development. Provides training, mentoring advice, assistance in the development and packaging of the project.
Residents are provided with seed investments, infrastructure, and assistance in developing a business model. During the accelerator, you can seek help from experts in the areas of marketing, team building, attracting investment, choosing a jurisdiction, and analytics.

No matter which generation you belong to Baby Boomer-X-Y-Z, all of us, without exception, strive to live a more meaningful life-the investment of influence resonates with our desire to be the creators of change. We strive to invest our intellectual and material capital in projects that use positive entrepreneurial energy.
The platform was created with the support of revolen. We manage mixed investments, which include - venture, project and direct investments, traditional impact investments, investments in tokens, cryptocurrencies, alternative investments in projects, companies, organizations and funds, with the aim of creating a measurable, socially or environmentally beneficial impact.
In the case of direct and project investments, the platform helps to identify the needs and development directions of companies in the field of industry, and is aimed at developing interaction between industrial players and promising technology companies. The main task is to identify the most effective solutions, the implementation of which will allow us to modernize the industry taking into account advanced technological trends.
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Project stage (idea/in the process of implementation/there is an MVP/works, but in the minus/works in the plus). Information on the main metrics for the previous month or several months, turnover, number of users, cost of attraction, main channels of attraction, estimated data.
Connecting to a cloud-based, cluster-based infrastructure within the revolen ecosystem is a ready-made solution that aims to accelerate the deployment of a startup's infrastructure. The main idea is to provide a single entry point for technical support and simplify the maintenance of ecosystem partners.
Creating a cloud-based project environment.
Monitoring the development of a startup is, in fact, project management. An integral part of our ecosystem is an it environment for planning tasks, monitoring statuses and deadlines for any team, regardless of scale. Why do we need a project management environment? Because project management is a difficult job. It becomes even more difficult if you do not use special tools or use too many different programs.

Given the geographical location of the startups with which revolen will interact, in terms of operational work and task control. We use remote project management systems such as Bitrix24, Slack, Asana, Trello. It's the perfect way to get the whole team together. Here you can discuss everything from the new version of the app, the latest news to the prospects for development. In such programs, everything is structured according to channels, for direct and personal communication. As a result, almost all communication goes to the cluster environment for managing the company's business processes, to the cloud.

Participation and control over the implementation of the project.
CRM marketing, CRM sales, marketing research, control of metrics, implementation of the plan for the growth of your project's metrics (users, paid users, conversions).
Report on the work done in the areas of marketing, sales. KPI execution. Weekly monitoring. Adjustment of the work plan, strategy, depending on the indicators. Achievement of the specified indicators. Making a decision on further interaction with startup.

The project team and strategy is the core and guarantor of the ecosystem. The experience and qualifications of the team allow you to adjust your business strategy to achieve your goals. The concept of revolen did not arise by chance and was the continuation, the embodiment of the experience, knowledge, vision of the founder and the team, which coincides with the worldview of a huge number of people who care about what happens to our life, the planet. Who wonders what will remain after us, what we can do here and now, for ourselves and future generations!
The Earth
To the left of the Big Dipper.
The Laniakea galaxy supercluster.
The Virgo supercluster. Local group.
The Milky Way galaxy. Orion's arm.
The solar system. Planet Earth.

Republic of Belarus, Mogilev, Center
The Neptune
Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun. It has the third-largest planetary radius and fourth-largest planetary mass in the Solar System. Uranus's atmosphere is similar to Jupiter's and Saturn's in its primary composition of hydrogen and helium, but it contains more "ices" such as water, ammonia, and methane, along with traces of other hydrocarbons.
How to interact with startups:
Phantom. At this stage, the startup is being scouted, evaluated, due diligence, and a decision on cooperation is being made.
Convergent. Connecting the project to a converged infrastructure. Project financing.
Emergent. Participation and control over the implementation of the project. Interaction with the project. Achieving the targets.

Evaluation of the project for financing. Collecting information about the project (what it does and what problem it solves, what market it operates in, industry, direction, segment, who are the competitors, what monetization). The hypothesis about the customer segment that they will work with, and the demand confirmed in this segment.
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Our generation has a chance to do everything in our power to improve the environment, preserve the climate, and make life better on our planet. A chance to take part in solving environmental problems and combating climate change, in changing the structure of energy consumed, and in gradually abandoning hydrocarbon and raw energy in favor of alternative sources.

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